Spruce Up the Dining Room with a Natural Accent

Besides the kitchen the second most popular room in your house during the holidays in probably the dining room. Whether it’s a full sit down feast or a holiday party with guests and goodies, your dining room gets plenty of attention during the holidays.

So why not surprise and delight your guest with an amazing natural stone accent wall. Beautifully striated patterns of Mother Nature’s own devices offer an extensive range of color, pattern and sustainable beauty.

An accent wall adds the unexpected to a room and can contrast with other textures and colors to make it a ‘one-of-a-kind’ focal point. And if you’re thinking there just isn’t enough time, think again. Because the natural stone panels are completely seamless, they can be installed in just a day. Or treat yourself and your dining room to a new look this coming year.


If you really want to transform your dining room into something special this holiday season, contact us to get started. You can do it yourself or let one of our experts do the job. Either way, it’s a smooth process that’s incredibly affordable and rewarding.

Your natural stone accent wall will be a holiday highlight that you will enjoy each time you step into the dining room. And be prepared, your friends, family and guests will have a hundred questions about how you did it. Just send them our way and we’ll take it from there.

Deck the Halls and Bathroom and Kitchen with Natural Stone

The inspiration to celebrate and decorate are part of the holiday season and with it comes the obvious choice to make your home even more beautiful!planning-christmas-forzastone


Seamless, grout-free, natural stone panels, that’s how.

‘Tis the season to roll up your sleeves and transform home into the enchantment of the holiday season. But don’t be limited by the holidays.  Your home can radiate fresh, new excitement year round when you add the beauty and sustainability that only natural stone can provide.

And don’t limit yourself to the most obvious rooms of your house, either. Stone panels look amazing on stairways, foyers, accent walls and more.

Lightweight, large-scale panels of natural stone create a groutless, durable and customizable  design and they will never fade or discolor.

This hard-working natural stone is roughly 3 pounds per square foot and is up to 800% stronger than slabs, according to ASTM-testing, and they’re backed by a lifetime guarantee.

As a product of nature remember that no two pieces of ForzaStone are identical and the shade may vary slightly from our samples. It is these variances that identify natural stone from manmade stones; it is what sets natural stone apart from other design surfaces.

So, you may think “I need to do this really fast and as inexpensively as possible.”  The easy solution is a ForzaStone DIY kit . If you’re a handy, independent individual who loves to get into the center of a project, a DIY approach is right for you.

ForzaStone natural stone, patented panels are among some of the latest remodeling trends. People everywhere are realizing the beauty, timeliness and sustainability of natural stone.

Bathroom Buzzzzz is Beautiful!

Holiday season is once again upon us and what better time than right now to redo your guest bathroom for holiday guests and family.

Everyone is talking about the phenomenal natural stone panels that are transforming bathrooms into beautiful, even exotic spa getaways.


The good news is if you want to shave off a few dollars and do it yourself, we make it easy and seamless to do so.

Maybe ‘groutlessness’ is not a word you’ve heard very often up until now, but you should know that it represents a very hot, trending topic when it comes to advanced, sustainable choices for bathroom redos. The concept of natural stone panels without the use of grout simply means you can say good-bye to mold and mildew.  And if that’s not enough to make you rush out and buy yours today, think about this added feature. You are actually adding value to your home.

Replacing grouted tile with smooth, seamless panels of natural stone means you are getting organically beautiful, veined patterns of natural stone that are super easy to clean.  And the color variations and natural striations and designs of each panel are beautifully unique.

And you’re not limited to just the bathroom.  This patented, proven product transforms kitchens, laundry rooms, game rooms, wine cellars, you name it!

What are you waiting for?  The holidays are creeping up fast, so get busy transforming that guest bath!

Your Wall Says: “Color Me Greige”!

You say, “What’s greige”? Nature is the originator of the creative color, greige.  It’s the color of natural stone and an assortment of wildlife. It’s organic, elegant, easy on the eyes and oh, so versatile.

Greige is the combination of gray and beige, whether you refer to it as warm gray or cool beige. Both are correct.

Greige works well in any room and gets along very well with any other color. If you’ve been looking for the perfect neutral and you’re torn between gray or beige, you’ll get the best of both worlds by choosing greige.


This exciting neutral color works beautifully if you’re displaying it with natural stone panels.  Depending upon the striated patterns and color variations of your natural stone panels, the greige contrasting wall will blend instinctively into the match or contrast you want.

Picking up a distinctive amber or sienna in the natural stone panel design works well with greige. Whether you go dark, light or somewhere in between, greige offer a lot of options that traditional colors don’t.

If you want to add a touch of drama to a room, consider your greige wall with your carefully selected natural stone panels and an illuminated section within the panel. With this added feature, your greige could take on exciting, unexpected qualities.

And while you’re getting creative, remember that natural stone panels are not just for walls. You can transform a stairway into a room of its own with a splash of greige wherever it makes the most impact.

In case you’re thinking ‘this just sounds like a trendy thing and how can I be sure I can live with greige and stone panels’.  Well, there’s nothing wrong with trendy, but if you can follow a widely popular trend at the same time you’re investing in a timeless product, then you’re probably getting the best of both worlds.

Consider the fact that the natural stone panels are seamless, waterproof and easy to install and maintain. Toss in the fact that these panels are 800% stronger than traditional stone slabs. Each panel is thin but strong and weighs only 3 lbs. per square foot. Let’s not forget that size and weight reduces transportation, labor and equipment costs. And if you’re creatively independent, you can even do it yourself with a DIY Kit!

While greige is a wonderful color, your natural stone panels will likely last many years longer than your newfound paint color. But then you have the option to try another version of greige.

DIY with ForzaStone Has Never Been Easier

When you embark on a DIY project, the last thing you want is complex instructions or drawbacks to getting the job done efficiently.  That’s why from ordering your DIY Bath or Shower Kits to the beautiful results on completion – we have made it super simple!

 If you have a standard size bath, you can refer to the dimensions listed here.  If you need to custom sizes, that’s no problem. Just contact us and we will help you get your exact specs.

measuring-wall-forzastoneSTANDARD DIY Panel Sizes for Bath and Shower Kits

Small: Back Wall 60” x 96” Side Walls *30”x 96”

Med.: Back Wall 60” x 96” Side Walls 32” x 96”

Large: Back Wall 60” x 96” Side Walls 36” x 96”

 * Actual measure is 29 7/8”

ForzaStone natural stone panels are among some of the latest remodeling trends. People everywhere are realizing the beauty, timeliness and sustainability of natural stone.

ForzaStone’s patented panels are large and only 3/8” thick so you can use natural stone in new and easy-to-install ways. Their large size means no more need for grout which means no more mold and mildew!  That alone is reason enough to install ForzaStone in your bath, shower, kitchen or anywhere in the house where you now have grouted tile.

What are you waiting for?

The kids are back in school and you have time to roll up your sleeves and transform your bathroom into a sparkling home spa. Get a jump on the holidays and surprise your house guests. 

But don’t worry if DIY is not for you. ForzaStone is easy to install and can be done by most any competent handyman or contractor.  We have a partial list of installers our on our site. Whoever installs your ForzaStone can call us directly for questions and tips.

Take a look at some other ForzaStone illuminating savings you can take advantage of while they’re hot!

Get What You Pay For and So Much More

How much would it be worth to you to have the opportunity to add sophistication, timeless beauty, cleanliness, and value to your home – with just one product in one fell swoop?

forza-vs-tilesIf it sounds too good to be true, don’t worry.  It isn’t.

ForzaStone’s seamless, groutless, natural stone panels are guaranteed for life and new life is what this product brings to your home – a transformation that surpasses cost.

When you choose ForzaStone natural stone panels over traditional tile you will pay a bit more. But the good news is what you get for those extra dollars: patented panels that are 800% stronger than stone slabs with a lifetime warranty. Over time traditional tile and grout applications can scratch, absorb moisture, attract mold and algae, and stain easily depending on the finish and composition.

With traditional tile you will pay about three to four times more for installation and labor. You will also spend much more time cleaning it than you would with ForzaStone. And with ForzaStone, you pay no delivery charge.

Prices may vary for tile or ForzaStone based on your selection. But the fact remains that no matter which ForzaStone natural stone color or pattern you select, you can be sure that you’re getting more than what you pay for and adding measurable beauty and value to your home at the same time.

So when it comes to making a comparison between tile and ForzaStone, there really isn’t one to be made. The benefits of ForzaStone far outweigh tile, not just for today but for life.

Natural Stone Panels are…

ForzaStone - not just for walls

A large part of the beauty of natural stone panels is that there’s a lot more to them than just beauty.

Ruggedly sustainable, natural stone can endure in places you may not expect to find them, such as on your stairway.

You expect to see multi-striated patterns of natural stone on walls, whether in a master bath or an office lobby. So why not break out of the traditional and into the unique by covering your stairways in hard-working natural stone. Lightweight, large-scale panels of natural stone create a groutless, durable and customizable design and they will never fade or discolor.

At roughly 3 pounds per square foot, our panels are up to 800% stronger than slabs, according to ASTM testing and they’re backed by a lifetime guarantee.

As a product of nature remember that no two pieces of ForzaStone are identical and the shade may vary slightly from our samples. It is these variances that identify natural stone from manmade stones; it is what sets natural stone apart from other design surfaces.

And while you’re in this mind set of doing things ‘out of the ordinary’ remember, natural stone makes a remarkable back splash in your kitchen, an amazing accent wall and let’s not forget how a fireplace can be transformed with natural stone panels.

Turn Kitchen Clean Ups into a Scenic Experience

Is there anything more appealing in a beautifully appointed home than a tasteful, functional kitchen?  The extra touch that a seamless stone panel backsplash can add will even make it more attractive. And why not add a stone panel wall behind the cooking area? With the holidays on the near horizon, your timing could not be better. And remember, kitchens are where people gather most of all with family and friends for meals, celebrations and just good old hanging out while cooking.

ForzaStone St. Laurant Backsplash Before and After  8-17-2016

Using groutless, natural stone in your kitchen reduces the worry of splattering grease when cleaning up and the development of mold or mildew. A kitchen backsplash can ensure worry-free washing up for years to come and the added touch of fresh color and pattern as only Mother Nature knows how to create.

Everyone loves clean, now your kitchen can have clean and beautiful all in one.

And while you’re thinking so creatively, why not imagine how you can transform your guest bath with groutless, stone panels?  You can even do it yourself, if you have an independent streak. Find out more details about DIY Kits, available in many standard sizes. In fact, if you hurry, Quartz DIY Kits are even on sale at 40% off regular cost.

New kitchen and new guest bath. Hmmm. Sounds like you’re getting ready for guest around the holidays.  Good thinking.

Back to School Means More Free Time to Get Things Done!

As summer draws to a close and the kids are getting back in school, it’s a great time to start thinking about all those projects on your to do list; especially, the really fun, creative ones. And guess what — your timing could not be better.

ForzaStone QUARTZ Kits are 40% off and ForzaStone Deco Mosaics are 50% off!
back to school

But not forever, so don’t wait. For a limited time, all you DIY enthusiasts can get a $1399 kit for only $799, plus shipping.

Now is the time to jump in and get that guest bath remodeled. You’ll be ahead of the game for the holidays and the kids won’t be around to get in the way.

Everything you need comes in the kit, including easy, breezy instructions. Just think, you can have grout-free, light weight, natural stone panels to replace the gloomy, chipped tiles in just a couple of days.

DIYers love the easy installation and everyone loves the beautiful natural stone panels. Stone is one of the most durable, weather resistant building materials on Earth. There is no need to refinish, repaint or replace stone panels – ever.

So in one well fell swoop you can save money, add value to your home, enjoy an amazing experience ‘doing it yourself’ and make the house beautiful for holidays ahead. Is there any reason not to get started right away?

Cleanliness is Next to Groutlessness

natural stoneMaybe ‘groutlessness’ is not a word you’ve heard very often up until now, but you should know that it represents a very hot, trending topic when it comes to advanced, sustainable choices for bathroom and kitchen redos – and other rooms, too.

The two rooms in any home that usually suffer the most from dingy, cracking grouted tile and insufferable mold and mildew are the bathroom and kitchen. That’s where groutlessness steps in to solve the problem.  When you replace grouted tile with smooth, seamless panels of natural stone you do away with the problems and trade them in for organically beautiful, striated patterns of natural stone. Sustainable, easy to clean and so many colors and patterns from which to choose, natural stone panels also add measurable value to your home, which is possibly your largest investment.

For you independent creative-minded individuals who want to ‘do it yourself’, there’s an impressive DIY Kit available, along with an easy, step-by-step video to help you complete the job even faster. You can choose from the same wide selection of natural stone colors and patterns, as well as accessories to match.

Either way — DIY or professionally installed — the popularity of groutlessness is keeping us very, very busy.

Of course, you could wait and redo your bathroom or kitchen, laundry room or entryway with natural stone panels sometime later, but don’t be surprised if your friends and neighbors beat you to the punch. The concept of groutlessness is more than a trend, it’s a timeless investment where value matters. Besides, think of all the money you’ll save on mold/mildew cleaning products. Groutlessness is a very smart concept.