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Say Yes This Spring to Your New Bathroom Remodel

968823_686274258056097_1148998609_nWith the onset of the spring season, our thoughts often turn to change. That bathroom remodeling you’ve thought about all winter is just waiting for your ‘green light’.

What was it about your friend’s new bathroom that was so captivating that you didn’t want to leave? There was the gorgeous natural stone that surrounded you from every angle. It was completely seamless and there was no grout like there is with tile.  How did she do that?  And, the inset panel that was backlit was enchanting. It made the entire room feel more like an art gallery rather than a bathroom. Is it affordable? How long will it take?

Better call her and find out who did the work. Lots of questions. Ring, ring…


It’s an Art Form Created by the Force of Nature

553236_637019986314858_1624394817_nTranslucent natural stone, designed by Mother Nature and brilliantly enhanced by ForzaStone: The Illumination Series TM provides architects and designers one-of-a-kind selections that immortalize nature and breathe new life into any space – residential or commercial.

The revolutionary patented process uses the most beautiful natural onyx slabs from around the world, enabling luxurious, affordable uses in ways previously too costly. The panels are 85% lighter than traditional slabs and 1000% stronger, available in sizes up to 96” x 60”, offering stimulating design ideas and applications.

Light up your new office hallways or transform the entryway of your home into an art gallery, with ForzaStone’s Illumination Series.

Collaboration Creates Eye-Popping Spaces!


DIRTTCollaboration is a phenomenon that happens so organically in nature, we often overlook it.  But one thing is certain. When two innovative teams such as DIRTT and ForzaStone work together, the outcome will most certainly not be overlooked. (

When DIRTT, (Doing It Right This Time), and ForzaStone join forces in a project, you’ll get the best in class of two, unprecedented products. You’ll enjoy truly sustainable (and green) solutions that save you money. From walls to ceiling, floors to doors and more,

DIRTT liberates the usable space in any project while ForzaStone adds depth, strength and the uniquely, beautiful art of nature set in stone.

Whether office space, kitchen, bathroom or data center, put these two powerhouse teams to task and stand back and enjoy the transformation. They’ll get it done with stress-free installation and expertise.

DIRTT and ForzaStone take collaboration to a whole new level: sustainable, affordable, and one-of-a-kind gorgeous.