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Comfortable Compromise is a Happy Family Thing

teens need new bathroom

When you and your husband decided to remodel the master bath, you didn’t realize that your teenagers would like it so much they would want their bathrooms remodeled too. Good taste runs in the family.

It’s hard to resist the luxury of pristine, colorful natural stone surrounding you in an elegant home shower/spa. You really can’t blame the kids for wanting one, too. And, since the remodel and installation was so fast and affordable, why not? (Besides, ForzaStone is super easy to clean since there’s absolutely no grout).

But, the kids don’t know about the Bluetooth shower speaker for music and phone that’s in your  shower. Don’t cave on everything at once or you’ll spoil them. Give them their own ForzaStone home shower/spa and they can buy their Bluetooth shower speaker. That’s more than fair.

Vacation At Home

3648_630597886957068_1239411251_nWhy waste time on airline tickets, car rentals and hotels this summer?

Instead of spending all that time and money on an exhausting summer vacation, why not spend it on something you’ll enjoy year round and for years to come – your master bathroom?

You know the feeling. For months you plan and coordinate that summer vacation, only to find that when you get back home (and to the office) – you need a vacation to recover from your vacation!

So why not do something really different this summer. Make a really smart decision to use your resources and remodel your master bath. With ForzaStone, installation is painless, fast and much more affordable than an extended vacation.

You’ll thank yourself each time you step into the lush, colorful striations of your natural stone home/spa.  Luxury you deserve, 24/7, without ever leaving home.

Office Space Revival: A Makeover Success Story

SP Chesterfield_117

When you and your business partner took on the renovation of the downtown warehouse space for your new offices, you knew it would be challenging. But when you collaborated with the best in class of two unprecedented products, the challenges were easily overcome.

Walls, ceilings, floors and doors were transformed and usable space was liberated and made beautiful using two powerhouse products – DIRTT and ForzaStone.

The conversion was remarkable and thanks to the stress-free installation and expertise of two fine professional groups, your first major business decision turned out to be very smart, affordable a real source of pride.

New Bathroom for Mom

Mother's Day

She’s a wife, a mother, a nurse, a teacher, a friend and so much more. So how do you show someone who is this special that you truly appreciate her? Easy question if you get a little creative.

Imagine her in a beautiful, quiet, relaxing place where she can renew and turn off the noisy, outside chaos. Surrounded by pristine, natural stone and warm cascading water, she can unwind in uninterrupted, personal quietude. Do you think she would enjoy such a gift?

If so, give her all of this and more with a stunning ForzaStone home bath/spa. Each time she escapes to her personal space, she’ll be reminded of how much you care.