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Why Spend Good Money on Your Laundry Room?

laundry room

My friends couldn’t understand why I wanted to remodel my laundry room of all places. To them it seemed like a waste of time and money.  To me it was a practical way to make the most avoided room in our house pleasant and inviting. People with a large family like ours (two teenage sons and 6- and 10-year old daughters) are always doing laundry. If it isn’t baseball uniforms, soccer shorts or ballet tights, it’s school clothes.

When I learned about ForzaStone’s extreme sustainability and seamless natural stone panels, I imagined a laundry room I wouldn’t mind hanging out in, not to mention, super easy to clean. Thankfully, in spite of the guff from family and friends, I persevered and — Wow! You really should come over and hang out with me in my laundry room.

Next remodel will be the media/game room – another exciting adventure using ForzaStone!

We Gave Our Boring Basement a Burst of New Life

Forza Game Room cropped

Our basement started out as a storm shelter and then became a storage area of sorts. Then it plunged into a catch-all that looked like a hoarder’s paradise! We wanted to make the space functional and comfortable, so we had to decide whether to make it a playroom, a media space, wine cellar or storage space.

After weeks of research, family pow-wows and planning, we realized it could be all of the above, if we divided the open space to accommodate the needs of each area. The question was ‘how’?

Collaboration was the answer. Two resources, DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time) and ForzaStone work together using sustainable, affordable and naturally beautiful products. DIRTT liberated our basement space, detailing how each area could have its own function and style with doors, panels and shelving in rich wood tones. ForzaStone let us add natural, organically striated stone panels that are light, strong and seamless, so there’s no grout – beautiful and super easy to clean.

We now have a multi-functional basement that has come alive! Not only have we added new areas of living space to our home, we have simultaneously increased our property value.

Now our friends want to know how we did it. We tell them the key is collaboration and who to contact.


Boardroom Buzz is Beautiful

forzastone office

We recently had some of our international clients in the office and they were awed by our new boardroom. In fact, before the meeting kicked off we were fielding questions from our global guests about what product was used on our boardroom walls. They were especially intrigued with the illuminated panel at the center of the back wall.

I don’t mind taking some of the credit since I was the one who suggested using ForzaStone for the remodel. My boss (who happens to be a great guy) gave me the go ahead to use the unqiue stone panels that are seamless and completely grout-free.  And the Illumination Series™ adds just the right touch of artful drama.

No doubt, ForzaStone will soon be making appearances in other upscale boardrooms around the world.