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Reinvent the Old Patio Concept


Does anyone still have a patio? Nowadays there’s so much ado about game rooms, cabanas, man caves, woman caves, and such, the traditional patio seems to have taken a backseat. Yet many people still have patios where they gather for barbecues, backyard sports and such. But what if it could be so much more?

Forget the old concept of patio and bring the outdoors in. Create a space that’s a social magnet for friends, barbeques and parties. Toss out the passé idea of patio and consider an affordable transformation with nature’s beautiful ForzaStone.

And while you’re at it, combine natural, seamless ForzaStone with cedar or teak, steel and creative lighting that adds wow. Now, you have much more than a patio. You have added value to your property and an outdoor/indoor space that’s fit for a party, an event; a stage for entertaining or simply escaping with a good book.

Add Dimension, Color and Panache with an Accent Wall

accent wall forza stone

Whether you’re remodeling or starting from scratch, give yourself the freedom to be creative with an exciting accent wall. Not only do accent walls add color, variety and flair, they add dimension and character to any space.

When you create your accent wall with ForzaStone, you have many choices of color, pattern and some of nature’s own most creative designs. It doesn’t matter which room you choose for an accent wall. Choose as many as you wish. The point is that an accent wall is a way of adding personality to a space that would otherwise look passé.

And remember, since ForzaStone is grout-free, it’s a winner in bathrooms and kitchens – super easy to clean and always beautiful. More fun than paint or other messy goop, a ForzaStone wall brings a lovely bit of sustainable nature inside your home all year round.

Grout-Free, Patented ForzaStone Means No More Mildew!

happy with kitchen

Say good-bye to mildew and hello to sparkling clean, bright, sustainable bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and more. ForzaStone is the enemy of mildew because it is completely grout-free. ForzaStone’s patented technology gives you many choices of color, pattern and striated detail as only natural stone can create.

If you live in Texas, Florida or Oklahoma, you might be interested to know that these three states rank highest in mildew growth year round. Because it never gets cold enough in these states to completely kill mildew, it is a nuisance to many homeowners.

Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are prime targets for mildew. Even if you clean, scour and scrub often, it still comes back. Why not end mildew altogether and create more attractive rooms as well as increased property value? There are countless ways that ForzaStone can improve your home – even foyers, game rooms, wine cellars and home gyms are elevated in looks and value. Let your imagination take the lead and let ForzaStone make it happen.



ForzaStone Makes a Guesthouse Remodel Unforgettable



Five years ago we added a comfortably basic guesthouse to our property. Since we both have big families who like to visit and friends from out of state who would occasionally stay over, it seemed like a good idea.

Then we decided to turn our basic guesthouse into something a bit more exotic with a private bath/spa so that our guests could really relax, take a break and feel rejuvenated after their travels.

After shopping around and comparing products and prices, we decided on ForzaStone. The patented, natural stone panels created a smooth, seamless beauty and added splashes of color. Since ForzaStone doesn’t need any grout to install, it’s super easy to clean, too. I love that.

My friend, Sally, who came to stay for two days, said the bath/spa was so unusually beautiful that she wanted to stay in the shower just to look at the amazing patterns and colors of the natural stone.

We’ve only had one problem so far since remodeling the guesthouse bath/spa with ForzaStone. People want to come back to visit a bit too often. Oh well, that’s okay. What are friend’s for?