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Guess Where Friends and Family Love to Hang Out During the Holidays?

forzastone kitchen

Your new kitchen, right?

Cooler temperatures and golden leaves herald a favorite time of the year when our fancies turn to pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and family gatherings. With the holidays approaching, there’s one place in the house that gets the most attention – the kitchen.

Your new kitchen is where the delights of the day originate, so it’s only natural that your friends and family want to ‘hang out’ amidst all the enticing aromas wafting through the air. But they’re not only enjoying your gourmet handiwork; they’re also admiring the beautiful natural stone panels that accent your walls, countertops and range.

That’s when I tell them that ForzaStone is not only lovely, it’s amazingly simple to install and clean. It’s a popular topic of discussion when anyone visits my new kitchen. In fact, requests for my recipes often take a backseat to questions about ForzaStone.

Too Soon to Get Ready for the Holidays?

fireplace wall

That depends. If you want to transform your living room fireplace into a dramatically stunning focal point where friends and family will congregate, connect and toast the holiday season, then – no, it most certainly is not too soon to prepare.

In fact, your timing is perfect. Once you come into our showroom and make your selection from a wide array of ForzaStone colors and patterns, then we work with you to set up an installation date and time. The installation process is fast, easy and best of all – very affordable.

Don’t just deck the halls with boughs of holly this year. Go the distance and transform your average looking fireplace into a work of art as only Mother Nature herself could create. Then after the holidays, sit back, enjoy the view and congratulate yourself for making such a smart decision.

Two Fireplaces in One with a ForzaStone Island Wall


Light, bright, open space is what we wanted most in our new home. So, when our architect suggested an island wall with a fireplace, we said yes. And adding to the natural beauty of both rooms is the natural, ForzaStone walls that showcase the fireplace and both rooms. That was a good call. Selecting colors and patterns for the stone was such fun because they have so many choices. Both rooms are simply enchanting, no matter what season it is.

Of course, having the fireplace glowing and crackling in the winter adds a magical touch of warmth that makes both rooms come alive. We’re extremely pleased. And thank you, Phillip, (that’s our architect) for a beautiful job so very well done.