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Give Your Getaway Vacation Home a Bath/Shower the Gift of ForzaStone!

ForzaStone Bathroom

This year the whole family is gathering at your vacation home for Christmas. Never mind 10 years ago when you and your husband decided to invest, it was going to be first and foremost your special getaway place to take a break from the busy world.

Well things change and this year you’ll have cousins, aunts, in-laws and more sharing the joy of Christmas in the mountains. And, of course, it will be lots of fun. Aren’t you glad you decided on 5 bedrooms and no less than 3 bathrooms when you made the purchase?

There will be plenty of room for all. But one thing you would really like to do is remodel the bathroom/showers. It has been 10 years and of all the rooms in the house, the bathrooms need the most help.

Since you’ve got time to plan and get the work done, consider the advantages of ForzaStone, natural stone, seamless bath/shower interiors. Sustainable is ForzaStone’s middle name and so many colors, patterns and accessory options. Your family will be in awe, not to mention the value you will add to your property.

It makes sense to do this now because next summer, there will be family and guests back for the fishing season. Contact ForzaStone today and find out how to get started. Think of it as a Christmas gift the whole family will enjoy for many years to come.

Clean the Cranberry Sauce Off and Voila! ForzaStone Unblemished.

Forza Backsplash

This Thanksgiving will be different. When the blackberry pie is left to dry on your kitchen counter and the cranberry sauce lingering on your backsplash looks like a Jackson Pollock painting – don’t worry for a second.

Since you installed ForzaStone in your kitchen, stains and dried-on food is no problem. Underneath the food splotches is the enduring beauty of your natural, ForzaStone shining through.

Because ForzaStone is seamless and uses no grout, there are no cracks or crevices for food to hide in. A couple of energetic swipes and you’re done. Clean as a whistle.

So when Aunt Margaret shows up with her tasty rhubarb pie or your sister spills a glass of Merlot, relax and enjoy the good tastes of the holidays. Don’t give a thought to the clean-up. ForzaStone almost does the work for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Spend Money on You This Black Friday. Stay Home and DIY.

ForzaStone DIY 

You’re saving money this Black Friday and doing something creative with your time. So what if your friends are all rushing to stand in line for the best deal of the century. You’re tackling a room in the house that’s needed attention for a long time – your master bathroom.

Thanks to ForzaStone DIY kits, you have everything you need, including an easy to follow video with step by step instructions. Your choice of one of the 17 gorgeous patterns and colors will give your master bath a much-needed facelift.

You pre-ordered all the components you need and they were delivered to your door. So after the holiday feasting has come and gone, you can get to work on your project. The precut Travertine panels you selected will even make the space look larger.

So enjoy your Thanksgiving and have fun on Black Friday. You will probably have more to show for your time and money than any of your friends. ForzaStone makes it easy.

First Impressions Last with ForzaStone.

ForzaStone Entryway

With the holidays in full swing, family, friends and guests are sure to turn up at your front door. That’s more or less a given.

And whether they’ve come for a week-end, a holiday party or a family feast, they all have one thing in common. When they step through your front door, the first thing they see is your foyer.

Glistening, striated natural stone walls, beautifully seamless and cool to the touch: that’s the magic that ForzaStone adds to any entryway. With dozens of colors and patterns to choose from, dressing up your entryway is the perfect way to tie in the tones and colors throughout your home.

Make a lasting, first impression with ageless ForzaStone.

For the Creatively Independent-Minded: ForzaStone DIY Kits


Some people (and maybe you’re one of them) really like rolling up their sleeves and getting in the middle of a project. Sound familiar? If so you’ll love ForzaStone DIY Kits – made for independent, creative minds.

Don’t be discouraged by your friends and family who would rather pay to have it done – whatever it is. It’s just easier to let someone else do it. But think of the fun and pride of seeing your ideas come to life right in front of you. Not to mention the gratification of knowing you did it yourself! (Bragging rights included)

Choose from 17 natural stone panels to create a dazzling, pristine bath or shower that will be beautiful and easier to clean. Select from Quartz, Travertine or Marble Kits with three precut panel sections ready to install, delivered to your door.

It’s easy to love ForzaStone because it’s beautiful, strong and durable. But people also love it because they have no more mildew problems to deal with since ForzaStone is 100% grout-free.

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, so give us a call. ForzaStone DIY Kits are made with people like you in mind: affordable, easy to install and breathtaking results, compliments of you.

An Updated Bathroom That Grandma Would Adore



When my grandmother passed away last year she left me her small, cottage-style home. It’s a lovely little place, with emphasis on little. The rooms are all somewhat miniature, including the tiny bathroom.

When my husband and I decided to do some updating to the property, we discussed how we could make the small bathroom larger. There was no space to enlarge it because of how the house was designed. So, we decided to create the illusion of more space. That’s where ForzaStone came in.

Because ForzaStone is grout-free and comes ready to install in beautiful, natural stone panels, we selected a light color that would open up the tub/shower space. It’s really amazing what a difference it made. We trimmed out all the walls and surrounding accessories in light, contrasting colors and voila! Grandma’s tiny cottage now has a modern, (visually) larger, super easy-to-clean, new bathroom.

DIY and Transform Your Guest Bath for the Holidays


ForzaStone DIY

So your in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving and you’re wrestling with what to do about the ghastly guest bathroom. What looks like a circa 1970 tub and shower are well past their heyday. What if you could update it before the relatives arrive? But, is there enough time? How much will it cost? Who to call?

Well, if you have a fondness for ‘do-it-yourself’ projects, you can transform that guest bath into a ForzaStone showstopper. The DIY ForzaStone panels can be delivered right to your door and the easy ‘how to’ video makes installation a breeze. But first, you get to select from 17 different patterns of seamless, grout-free ForzaStone. The cost of the DIY kits are almost too good to be true, but believe it.

This is your chance to really impress the whole family with your creative skills. Come by the showroom or contact us today. Let’s get started!

Announcing Do It Yourself ForzaStone Kits


DIY ForzaStone

Okay all you do-it-yourselfers! They’re here – DIY ForzaStone Kits, complete with everything you need to transform your mundane bathroom into a gorgeous home bath/spa. And you get lots of choices to do it exactly the way you want it.

You will save money and time because your ForzaStone DIY install will be fast and easy with the step by step instructions. You get to select from 17 natural stone panels to create a dazzling, pristine bathroom that will be easier to clean than any room in your house.

Select from Quartz, Travertine or Marble Kits with three precut panel sections ready to install, delivered to your door.

People love ForzaStone because it’s beautiful, strong and sustainable. Plus the bonus feature of being grout-free means you can say bye-bye to any past mildew problems. Only ForzaStone delivers luxurious, natural beauty with industrial strength durability.

If you have a standard-sized bath or shower, you – on your own — can create a home bath/shower spa that will be the envy of your friends and family. After all, not everyone is a born do-it-yourselfer!

Let’s get started!

Create a One-of-a-Kind Accent Wall with ForzaStone.


accent paneling1

Walls are a lot like people. Some are very basic and good. Some are strong. Some are over the top. And some are just drop dead gorgeous. Like a ForzaStone accent wall, for instance.

When people walk into your living room or whatever you call your main living area, what is it they notice first? The Peruvian, Alpacan hand-sewn rug? Your new, red Bradington-Young Leather Sofa? Or the breathtaking ForzaStone accent wall?

You guessed it! It’s easy to see furniture anywhere, but how unique and wonderfully stylishly YOU  is an accent wall? It’s a statement of your good taste and creativity. With so many options, ForzaStone makes it fiendishly tempting to create an accent wall like no other.

Go ahead. Why not? This is more fun and a lot less expensive than a museum quality painting, not to mention a whole lot easier to insure, keep clean and free of dust.

Give us a call or visit our showroom. ForzaStone makes remodeling fun!