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Start the New Year Off with a DIY Project!

With a brand new year comes the opportunity to conquer those tasks you’ve been postponing, such as a fresh, update to your bathroom shower and tub. You’ve put up with cracked, fading colors and mildew much too long. So where do you start?

forzastone panelsFinding a sustainable product that offers choice of color and pattern, along with a seamless, grout-free finish may not be as difficult as you think. Affordability? Well, factor into the equation that you have the do-it-yourself skills to make it happen and affordable is a given.

Sustainability and super easy to clean is a result of natural, sleek, seamless panels that are so easy to install you won’t believe it. The step-by-step, how-to video will guide you through the process and by the time your significant other gets back from that business trip – voilà – a gorgeous new bathroom awaits!

Don’t put off what you can accomplish in a day or two. Get off to a great start this New Year and enjoy both savings and satisfaction. Let’s get started!

Santa Did It Himself. What a Gift!

There really is a Santa! And he lives in your house. Ha! Little did you realize that when you asked to have your bathroom/shower remodeled that you would actually get it in time for Christmas. The big red and silver bow on the bathroom door was a big clue, although what was inside was even better than you imagined.

santa hanging forzastone

It seems that Santa understands the value of Do-It-Yourself projects and has the skill to do it himself.

Now you can enjoy the beautiful natural stone, seamless panels that surround your shower and tub and never, ever worry about mildew again! (That’s a gift in itself!)

What can I say? My Santa is the best ever. Not only is he thoughtful, generous, handsome and a super handyman; he’s also smart and a savvy investor in what matters most – our relationship and our beautiful home.

Now come over here and stand under the mistletoe!

Home is Where the Hearth is…



‘Tis the season to be jolly and get out of the cold weather, too. And where is the first place everyone gravitates to when they get inside the house? The fireplace, of course.

That’s all the more reason to make your fireplace alluring, comfortable and easy to maintain. It’s easy to do if you install natural, seamless stone panels that showcase the beauty of nature from the inside out. Some people choose to install an island fireplace wall and add the advantage of a glowing fireplace that can be enjoyed from two separate rooms – simultaneously.

If you didn’t get around to transforming your fireplace this year, plan for next year. From floor to ceiling, a natural stone fireplace is both a work of art and a functional, value-added addition to any home – year round.

Warmest wishes for the best holiday ever!

No Pain, Only Gain with Easy, Beautiful Do It Yourself

diy forzastone

Who said it has to be difficult to take on a remodeling project yourself? If you have the right tools, mindset, instructional guidance, a quality, fool-proof product and an independent, creative mentality, then you have everything you need!

Why wait for someone to do it for you, when you can easily, affordably do it yourself?

A refreshing, stunning update to your home bath/shower can be accomplished in less than three days. And you can say good-bye to the miseries of mildew on your shower walls. When you use this remarkable, grout-free product, mildew and musty odors become a thing of the past. Why? Because seamless, natural stone shower/tub walls have no place for mildew to live. And, cleaning the bathroom is no longer a dreaded chore, but rather a quick, easy task that even the kids can do.

Choose from 17 alluring colors in Marble, Travertine or Quartz. And to help you decide on exactly what you want, order samples at 50% off (only $10 each).

Remodeling your home bath/shower is not only easy and affordable it’s rewarding in so many ways, especially the pride you feel in knowing you really can do it yourself. Contact us today for details.

If You Can’t Take Her to Fiji for the Holidays…

Spa Bathroom

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What’s the next best thing?

How about an exotic, (very affordable) remodel of her shower/spa?

After all, you don’t have to travel all the way to Fiji to have the luxurious feeling of a streaming island waterfall. You can capture the experience within natural stone slabs that need no grout. That means easier maintenance and no more battling the mildew. That’s almost a gift in itself.

Give her a gift she will enjoy every day, not just at the holidays. You can even add extras like back-lit illuminated panels, contrasting stone elements and more. And, no, it’s not too late to have it done by the holidays. But it would be a good idea to make the phone call sooner than later.

Oh, one thing to remember is this. Once you have installed her beautiful new bath/shower/spa, you might expect to see her less. That’s because she’ll be spending much more time than usual, luxuriating in her new shower/spa. But take consolation in knowing that she’s probably thinking about you and what a wonderful gift you gave her.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Do It Your Way

Do-It-Yourself Bathroom

There’s great pride that comes with taking the lead on a project and doing it yourself. Of course, not everyone has the inclination to take on a job that means ‘doing the work yourself’. The payoff is the bragging rights you earn.

Let’s say you want to remodel your bathroom shower. The dated tile is a constant source of mildew and the fading colors are zilch. So where do you start?

What if you could eliminate the old tile and replace it with natural stone panels, large enough to do the job with as few as 3-4 grout-free panels delivered right to your front door?

And what if you have a step-by-step ‘how to’ video to guide you through the process?

Remodeling your bathroom shower yourself is actually much easier than you may think. It’s a great way to save money, improve the value of your home, invest in your own good skills and come out with plenty to show for it.

Doing it yourself is not a new concept, but accomplishing this level of renovation certainly is. Get the details so you can get started right away. In only two or three days, you can have a beautifully, updated bathroom shower and enjoy an abundance of “Wows” from friends and family.

Real Stone Makes a Real Difference

FS Sample Ad 1

Considering a bathroom remodel? Then make it count by choosing real, natural stone instead of plastic or tile for your bath or shower enclosure. One touch of ForzaStone and you’ll feel the cool, smooth natural texture for yourself. Nothing else comes close.

Holding our real stone in your hands will inspire you. So take advantage of our half price sample sale and get started with your bathroom remodel today!

  • Choose from 17 beautiful colors
  • Two Samples for $10 – that’s 50% off!
  • Use the code “FORZASTONE ROCKS!” in the comment section of your order to save.
  • Buy a DIY Kit and you’ll get your $10 credited to your purchase.

Then you can make an informed decision about transforming your bathroom shower with the easy, affordable ForzaStone DIY Kit. Watch our step-by-step, how-to video and see how easy it is!

Hurry and get your half-price samples so you can create your eye-popping, show-stopping gorgeous new bathroom shower today!