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2016 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Are you thinking about renovating that crumbling old bathroom this year? Whether you’re tired of the Formica glitter sink from the 1980s, or are just ready to pull out that tub that never gets used, you are not alone. Bathrooms continue to be the leading space people renovate in their homes.

“Bath Kitchen Pros, Houston, TX”

“Bath Kitchen Pros, Houston, TX”

The good news is there are so many places to look for design inspiration these days. From Houzz and Pinterest, to DIY Network shows, interior design blogs and endless publications, you could spend hours creating your own idea notebook. And, don’t forget about Instagram and Twitter…all those designers out there are sharing their beautiful photos and clever ideas.

With that in mind, we’d like to share a few trends we’ve picked up here at ForzaStone on from the design side as we create our natural stone panels for both builders and the DIY community.

Consider Functionality:

Yes, all bathrooms need a sink, toilet and some kind of tub or shower. But who is using the bathroom, and do they have specific needs? Some of our favorite ideas include curb-less showers and floating sinks that enable aging homeowners to stay in their homes longer, and adding a second, lower detachable shower head to shower enclosures so that pet washing can be done easily. Ensuring these functional items are easy to use, install and clean like our real stone tiles makes them even better.

Natural Materials Look Timeless:

Whether you are working in stone, wood or metals – using natural materials will give your bathroom classic look that won’t need updating any time soon. When it’s time to refresh the look, it can be done easily with on-trend colors for towels, accent wall colors and even knobs and fixtures. So, if this remodel is the last one you want to do for awhile, stick with products that come from nature for the big stuff like showers enclosures, sinks and floors.

Clean Lines:

A room looks cleaner and more open when there aren’t a lot of lines cutting up the visual space. Replacing tiny tiles and grout with large panels can make even smaller spaces look clean and inviting. The same idea applies for more than just showers and walls: think single pane windows and large tile floors.

Bathroom as Living Space:

It’s obviously clear that people like to spend time in a well-designed bathroom. If your plan is to create your retreat from the every day, think of the things that will make your bathroom a pleasure for you: natural light, ample storage, heated floors? If your bathroom time is more than a quick shower and shave; picking materials, colors and textures that make you feel happy or at peace is far more important than being on trend. After all, being a happy homeowner; that never goes out of style.

Now get that idea book going! And show us how your amazing bathroom renovation turns out. Whether looking for a contractor or doing it yourself, let us answer any questions you may have about making our light weight, natural stone part of your bathroom renovation project.