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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and who wouldn’t want to bring some of that fresh feeling into their homes? Especially the bathroom. Here’s a few easy tips from our team that will make you love your bathroom all over again this season.

  1. Clean Out Storage Spaces

Whether it’s the medicine cabinet, linen closet or counter tops, it’s time to clean out the crud. Discard old makeup, expired medicines, old samples, broken beauty accessories and any disposable products that have gotten dusty. It’s also a great time demote old towels to dog and car wash duty. With all this newfound space, you’ll have space to keep all the stuff cluttering your counter back into the cabinets. Just think, you may actually be able to pull out a fresh towel without the whole stack tumbling to the floor.

  1. Clean Up Tough Stains

From nail polish spills to car maintenance cleanup failures, some of the ugliest stains can happen in the bathroom. And, with all the various materials and finishes, sometimes we’re afraid that we’ll ruin things when trying to get those stubborn stains to go. But, with the right products and touch, most stains can come out (or at least be greatly diminished).

Resources we like include: The Marble Institute’s Stain Removal Guide, How to Clean Practically Anything from Consumer Reports, and Real Simple: Cleaning.

  1. Add A Few Upgrades

Now that you’ve got your space de-cluttered and polished, you will surely feel better about letting guests into your bathroom. By adding a few modern touches you can make your bathroom even better. Updating worn out features will improve the look. New plumbing fixtures, softer lighting, or even replacing your old shower enclosure tile with the clean, real stone seamless panels with a ForzaStone DIY Kit can elevate your ho-hum space into a spa. And, by using natural products like real stone, your room will have timeless qualities that won’t need a redo for many years to come.

  1. Make It Your Own

Whether it’s hand towels in your favorite color or a framed picture of a beloved pet, add in a few elements that make the place your own. Seeing things that make you happy every time you go in a room will go a long way toward enjoying the space.

With just these few spring cleaning tips, you’ll be enjoying your bathroom like never before!