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Make a Unique Statement with Light and Stone

 There has never been a more exciting time to remodel a kitchen, build a custom bath, or even design commercial spaces like restaurants or offices. With the myriad of materials and techniques available, and days worth of visuals to inspire our vision, it seems like almost anything is possible. We continue to see designers play with contrasts; hard and soft, bright and subdued, bold prints with hues from opposite sides of the color wheel.

So why is it then that so often, new projects look an awful lot alike? After all the inspiration, concepts, decision making and actual building, wouldn’t you want to make sure your finished space was as unique and interesting as you are?

FB Illumination Blog copyWe’d like to suggest that this often comes down to the details: the paint color or choice of drawer pulls. The placement and style of the windows. The materials used for the fixtures. Details that can give the room a distinct personality.

And, with ForzaStone’s Illumination Series, making a unique statement can be an integral part of how the space comes together. These translucent all-natural stone installations are backlit to give the room a soft glow. As an accent in a fireplace, bath or countertop it can provide a focal point that gives sophistication and sense of luxury to a space.

Builders like the Illumination Series panels because they are easier to work with than traditional onyx. Designers know that onyx, known for its dramatic grains and color patterns, can be as fickle as it is beautiful. It can cause job site headaches during the installation. The fragility of the stone has traditionally made it hard to work with in applications of any size. But through ForzaStone’s revolutionary process, large-scale applications are now possible, and actually quite manageable. At just 5mm thick and in panels as large as 96” x 60”, your imagination is your only limitation. Long clean visuals with no grout to install (or clean) will make a statement like no other.

If you need inspiration, look no further than our design gallery. We’ve seen time and again how ForzaStone Illumination Series can elevate a space. For a limited time, we are offering a sale on our beautiful, all natural, real stone Illumination Series: buy one panel and get the second for ½ price. That’s a considerable savings. So, check it out and get inspired. We can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you.