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Sustainable, Renewable, Green: We Have It!

It’s uncommon to find a single product that embodies natural, beautiful, strong and sustainable all in one.

But there it is. This is where you find it.

Because we care about the environment and strive to be responsible stewards, our product gets ultimate quality control. We also care about giving you our customer, stunningly beautiful panels of natural stone for your home, office, vacation home and rental properties.

  • QuarryStone is one of the most durable, weather resistant building materials on Earth. There is no need to refinish, repaint or replace our stone panels.
  • Our product is natural quarried stone taken through a patented process and cut to a thin 5mm then reinforced with aluminum alloy and plastic composite for a total thickness of 9mm. You might expect it to be very heavy, but it is lightweight yet 800% stronger than a 3 cm thick slab. Our efficient extraction process takes only what is needed, thereby being ecologically responsible.
  • The low-VOC epoxy adhesives used to permanently bind the stone to the backer reinforcement is supported by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Our production facilities recycle the waste water, aluminum and most of the scrap stone dust into the epoxy’s and fillers used for production.

All this in one product; and in case you think it’s out of your price range, it isn’t.  Not only is it affordable, we even make a DIY version for the creatively independent-minded.

That’s No Ordinary Wall

WallSleek, seamless, groutless natural stone will transform a wall, a foyer, a stairway, or an atrium into a stunning – and sustainable – eye-catching feature in your home. Stunning because the natural striated patterns in stone are unique in pattern and color. No two panels are identical! Sustainable because natural stone panels are seamless, groutless and 800% stronger than a slab. That means beautiful to the eye and super easy to clean. Thank you, Mother Nature!

While people all over the country select natural stone panels for remodeling their bathrooms and kitchens, there are those creative few who know they are not limited to following the crowd. An atrium completely finished out with natural stone walls means there is no worry of mold or mildew. Keep it as humid as needed for your orchids or other exotic flora.

Stepping into a foyer created with the dazzle of a natural stone entryway will keep your guests busy asking how you did it and what’s it called. And of course, any room in your home will come alive with an accent wall of sleek, natural stone. Punch up the contrast with the other walls or be as subtle as you like. Either way, it stands out and says, “Wow, this is no ordinary wall”.

3 Moving Ideas That Spell S-E-L-L

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So you’re moving and it’s time to get your house ready for the market.  There are plenty of remodeling tips out there, but here are three that will increase your property value and a great selling price.


Your master bath/shower can become a real game-changer with affordable, natural stone panels. Groutless and beautiful, natural stone lets you choose colors, patterns and even inset lighting if you want to go the extra mile. An ordinary master bath/shower can become a home spa and you can even do it yourself. Other ways to increase your property value is to add space by opening up a closet to make more room, create separate his-and-her areas with separate sinks, or add a skylight to bring in valuable natural light.


Home buyers are partial to a beautifully functional kitchen.  Add an extra touch with a seamless stone panel backsplash and stone panel wall behind the cooking area and you can enhance your selling price exponentially. After all, kitchens are where people gather with family and friends for countless occasions, especially holidays; and a sure way to increase your property value.

Laundry Room

Ah, yes that necessity of every well-run home, the laundry room often gets overlooked as a popular selling point. The fact is, it’s one of the top ten most important things home buyers want. So while you’re updating the bathroom and kitchen, consider adding stone panels in the laundry room, too. There will never be worry of mildew or mold if you do and that’s a huge plus for any laundry room, not to mention, yet another way to increase your property value.