Bathroom Buzzzzz is Beautiful!

Holiday season is once again upon us and what better time than right now to redo your guest bathroom for holiday guests and family.

Everyone is talking about the phenomenal natural stone panels that are transforming bathrooms into beautiful, even exotic spa getaways.


The good news is if you want to shave off a few dollars and do it yourself, we make it easy and seamless to do so.

Maybe ‘groutlessness’ is not a word you’ve heard very often up until now, but you should know that it represents a very hot, trending topic when it comes to advanced, sustainable choices for bathroom redos. The concept of natural stone panels without the use of grout simply means you can say good-bye to mold and mildew.  And if that’s not enough to make you rush out and buy yours today, think about this added feature. You are actually adding value to your home.

Replacing grouted tile with smooth, seamless panels of natural stone means you are getting organically beautiful, veined patterns of natural stone that are super easy to clean.  And the color variations and natural striations and designs of each panel are beautifully unique.

And you’re not limited to just the bathroom.  This patented, proven product transforms kitchens, laundry rooms, game rooms, wine cellars, you name it!

What are you waiting for?  The holidays are creeping up fast, so get busy transforming that guest bath!

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