Clean the Cranberry Sauce Off and Voila! ForzaStone Unblemished.

Forza Backsplash

This Thanksgiving will be different. When the blackberry pie is left to dry on your kitchen counter and the cranberry sauce lingering on your backsplash looks like a Jackson Pollock painting – don’t worry for a second.

Since you installed ForzaStone in your kitchen, stains and dried-on food is no problem. Underneath the food splotches is the enduring beauty of your natural, ForzaStone shining through.

Because ForzaStone is seamless and uses no grout, there are no cracks or crevices for food to hide in. A couple of energetic swipes and you’re done. Clean as a whistle.

So when Aunt Margaret shows up with her tasty rhubarb pie or your sister spills a glass of Merlot, relax and enjoy the good tastes of the holidays. Don’t give a thought to the clean-up. ForzaStone almost does the work for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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