Cleanliness is Next to Groutlessness

natural stoneMaybe ‘groutlessness’ is not a word you’ve heard very often up until now, but you should know that it represents a very hot, trending topic when it comes to advanced, sustainable choices for bathroom and kitchen redos – and other rooms, too.

The two rooms in any home that usually suffer the most from dingy, cracking grouted tile and insufferable mold and mildew are the bathroom and kitchen. That’s where groutlessness steps in to solve the problem.  When you replace grouted tile with smooth, seamless panels of natural stone you do away with the problems and trade them in for organically beautiful, striated patterns of natural stone. Sustainable, easy to clean and so many colors and patterns from which to choose, natural stone panels also add measurable value to your home, which is possibly your largest investment.

Either way — DIY or professionally installed — the popularity of groutlessness is keeping us very, very busy.

Of course, you could wait and redo your bathroom or kitchen, laundry room or entryway with natural stone panels sometime later, but don’t be surprised if your friends and neighbors beat you to the punch. The concept of groutlessness is more than a trend, it’s a timeless investment where value matters. Besides, think of all the money you’ll save on mold/mildew cleaning products. Groutlessness is a very smart concept.

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