Deck the Halls and Bathroom and Kitchen with Natural Stone

The inspiration to celebrate and decorate are part of the holiday season and with it comes the obvious choice to make your home even more beautiful!planning-christmas-forzastone


Seamless, grout-free, natural stone panels, that’s how.

‘Tis the season to roll up your sleeves and transform home into the enchantment of the holiday season. But don’t be limited by the holidays.  Your home can radiate fresh, new excitement year round when you add the beauty and sustainability that only natural stone can provide.

And don’t limit yourself to the most obvious rooms of your house, either. Stone panels look amazing on stairways, foyers, accent walls and more.

Lightweight, large-scale panels of natural stone create a groutless, durable and customizable  design and they will never fade or discolor.

This hard-working natural stone is roughly 3 pounds per square foot and is up to 800% stronger than slabs, according to ASTM-testing, and they’re backed by a lifetime guarantee.

As a product of nature remember that no two pieces of ForzaStone are identical and the shade may vary slightly from our samples. It is these variances that identify natural stone from manmade stones; it is what sets natural stone apart from other design surfaces.

So, you may think “I need to do this really fast and as inexpensively as possible.”  The easy solution is a ForzaStone DIY kit . If you’re a handy, independent individual who loves to get into the center of a project, a DIY approach is right for you.

ForzaStone natural stone, patented panels are among some of the latest remodeling trends. People everywhere are realizing the beauty, timeliness and sustainability of natural stone.

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