Now You Really Can Have the Best for Less.

diy kitYou’ve been waiting for ages to redo your bathroom/shower, but you just couldn’t seem to find a way to fit it into the budget. First one thing, then another seemed to take priority. Well, what if you could afford to go forward with your bath/shower remodel and have a creative adventure in the process? In other words, get what you want, get it done fast, fit it into your budget and — do it yourself.

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry, it isn’t. In fact, in just a couple of days after receiving your complete DIY kit, you can have a sparkling new updated bath/shower. There’s even an easy, ‘how to’ video that comes with the kit.

By doing it yourself, you can afford to select some of the most beautiful, natural stone ever created by Mother Nautre. These are seamless panels that come, pre-measured and ready to be installed. No grout is needed like with traditional bathroom tile. That means no mold and mildew to contend with, so cleaning is a snap!

You’ve been patient, waiting for the right solution to come along; one that you can afford and one that is beautiful and uncomplicated. Well, congratulations, your waiting is over. Call today and let’s get started.

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