Better Than Trendy: Timeless

It’s fun to follow the latest trends and be ‘in the know’ with trendy tech and toys. But what if you could be even more than trendy?  What if you could be on the cutting edge of smart, hip, trendy, but also make a choice for a product that is truly timeless? Like 400 million years old timeless, the age of the stone in our panels.Stone,Earth landscape

Let’s talk about transforming your master bath into a gorgeous home spa that will be the envy of all your friends and family. This is one of the hottest products on the market and people are scrambling to create beautiful, eye-catching rooms throughout their homes.  You see, you’re not limited just to the bathroom.  This patented, proven product transforms kitchens, laundry rooms, game rooms, wine cellars, you name it!

Imagine your bathroom transformed with natural, seamless stone. Say good-bye to grouted tile and hello to ForzaStone. Each unique panel features unduplicated natural stone veins and striations of color variations and design. Fading and discoloration are no longer a problem. Sold across the U.S. and Canada, ForzaStone is sustainability at its most beautiful.

Because each panel is seamless and waterproof, ForzaStone is easy to install and maintain. It’s the only product of its kind, proven to be 800% stronger than traditional stone slabs. Each panel is thin but strong and it weighs only 3 lbs. per square foot which reduces transportation, labor and equipment costs. And if you’re, you can even do it yourself with a DIY Kit!

Bathe yourself in the richness of natural stone and the assurance of durability for years to come.  And when you’re done, see what ForzaStone can do for the rest of your home.

Sustainable, Renewable, Green: We Have It!

It’s uncommon to find a single product that embodies natural, beautiful, strong and sustainable all in one.

But there it is. This is where you find it.

Because we care about the environment and strive to be responsible stewards, our product gets ultimate quality control. We also care about giving you our customer, stunningly beautiful panels of natural stone for your home, office, vacation home and rental properties.

  • QuarryStone is one of the most durable, weather resistant building materials on Earth. There is no need to refinish, repaint or replace our stone panels.
  • Our product is natural quarried stone taken through a patented process and cut to a thin 5mm then reinforced with aluminum alloy and plastic composite for a total thickness of 9mm. You might expect it to be very heavy, but it is lightweight yet 800% stronger than a 3 cm thick slab. Our efficient extraction process takes only what is needed, thereby being ecologically responsible.
  • The low-VOC epoxy adhesives used to permanently bind the stone to the backer reinforcement is supported by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Our production facilities recycle the waste water, aluminum and most of the scrap stone dust into the epoxy’s and fillers used for production.

All this in one product; and in case you think it’s out of your price range, it isn’t.  Not only is it affordable, we even make a DIY version for the creatively independent-minded.

That’s No Ordinary Wall

WallSleek, seamless, groutless natural stone will transform a wall, a foyer, a stairway, or an atrium into a stunning – and sustainable – eye-catching feature in your home. Stunning because the natural striated patterns in stone are unique in pattern and color. No two panels are identical! Sustainable because natural stone panels are seamless, groutless and 800% stronger than a slab. That means beautiful to the eye and super easy to clean. Thank you, Mother Nature!

While people all over the country select natural stone panels for remodeling their bathrooms and kitchens, there are those creative few who know they are not limited to following the crowd. An atrium completely finished out with natural stone walls means there is no worry of mold or mildew. Keep it as humid as needed for your orchids or other exotic flora.

Stepping into a foyer created with the dazzle of a natural stone entryway will keep your guests busy asking how you did it and what’s it called. And of course, any room in your home will come alive with an accent wall of sleek, natural stone. Punch up the contrast with the other walls or be as subtle as you like. Either way, it stands out and says, “Wow, this is no ordinary wall”.

If you’re concerned about cost – don’t be. There’s even a DIY Kit for savvy, go-getters who like to do it their way. Find out how easy it is to make extraordinary ideas come to life in your home!

3 Moving Ideas That Spell S-E-L-L

June Blog 1

So you’re moving and it’s time to get your house ready for the market.  There are plenty of remodeling tips out there, but here are three that will increase your property value and a great selling price.


Your master bath/shower can become a real game-changer with affordable, natural stone panels. Groutless and beautiful, natural stone lets you choose colors, patterns and even inset lighting if you want to go the extra mile. An ordinary master bath/shower can become a home spa and you can even do it yourself. Other ways to increase your property value is to add space by opening up a closet to make more room, create separate his-and-her areas with separate sinks, or add a skylight to bring in valuable natural light.


Home buyers are partial to a beautifully functional kitchen.  Add an extra touch with a seamless stone panel backsplash and stone panel wall behind the cooking area and you can enhance your selling price exponentially. After all, kitchens are where people gather with family and friends for countless occasions, especially holidays; and a sure way to increase your property value.

Laundry Room

Ah, yes that necessity of every well-run home, the laundry room often gets overlooked as a popular selling point. The fact is, it’s one of the top ten most important things home buyers want. So while you’re updating the bathroom and kitchen, consider adding stone panels in the laundry room, too. There will never be worry of mildew or mold if you do and that’s a huge plus for any laundry room, not to mention, yet another way to increase your property value.

How to Profit Even More from Smart Property Flipping

You’re in the business to make money, so make smart decisions to flip your real estate with finesse by choosing products that pay off.

Smart flipping means that you know how to look beyond appearance and see the potential in a property. If you walk into a property and a moldy bathroom or weathered kitchen, then you’re looking at an opportunity, not two problems. Whether your search is for depreciated properties through auctions or through a relationship with a real estate agents, be smart and look for potential.

ForzaStone Property Flipping

Do the math and know what your costs will be for upgrades and repairs. That’s easy to do if you know the products are reliable and sustainable. ForzaStone’s premium patented stone is thinner, easier to install and can eliminate mold in the bathroom because it’s groutless. It gives surfaces and walls beautiful, new life that will endure for years. Additionally, ForzaStone’s patented stone is 800% stronger than natural stone slabs because of the metal and composite backing, whereas slabs are quite brittle.

Successful flippers know their strengths and aren’t afraid to tap other experts. Roofing and sewer line inspection are two areas not to be overlooked. Building relationships with local real estate agents is also useful for finding properties.

Design for buyers, not yourself. Selecting cabinets, wall textures and paint colors for a flip is different from decorating your own house. The design elements need to appeal to a broad group of potential buyers. Keeping it basic and functional can still be eye-catching and lovely.

Installing specialized features that buyers in the area want, like a wall-mounted TV, high quality natural stone accent walls, or a built-in wine cooler, can make a property stand out and sell more quickly.

Make a Unique Statement with Light and Stone

 There has never been a more exciting time to remodel a kitchen, build a custom bath, or even design commercial spaces like restaurants or offices. With the myriad of materials and techniques available, and days worth of visuals to inspire our vision, it seems like almost anything is possible. We continue to see designers play with contrasts; hard and soft, bright and subdued, bold prints with hues from opposite sides of the color wheel.

So why is it then that so often, new projects look an awful lot alike? After all the inspiration, concepts, decision making and actual building, wouldn’t you want to make sure your finished space was as unique and interesting as you are?

FB Illumination Blog copyWe’d like to suggest that this often comes down to the details: the paint color or choice of drawer pulls. The placement and style of the windows. The materials used for the fixtures. Details that can give the room a distinct personality.

And, with ForzaStone’s Illumination Series, making a unique statement can be an integral part of how the space comes together. These translucent all-natural stone installations are backlit to give the room a soft glow. As an accent in a fireplace, bath or countertop it can provide a focal point that gives sophistication and sense of luxury to a space.

Builders like the Illumination Series panels because they are easier to work with than traditional onyx. Designers know that onyx, known for its dramatic grains and color patterns, can be as fickle as it is beautiful. It can cause job site headaches during the installation. The fragility of the stone has traditionally made it hard to work with in applications of any size. But through ForzaStone’s revolutionary process, large-scale applications are now possible, and actually quite manageable. At just 5mm thick and in panels as large as 96” x 60”, your imagination is your only limitation. Long clean visuals with no grout to install (or clean) will make a statement like no other.

If you need inspiration, look no further than our design gallery. We’ve seen time and again how ForzaStone Illumination Series can elevate a space. For a limited time, we are offering a sale on our beautiful, all natural, real stone Illumination Series: buy one panel and get the second for ½ price. That’s a considerable savings. So, check it out and get inspired. We can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and who wouldn’t want to bring some of that fresh feeling into their homes? Especially the bathroom. Here’s a few easy tips from our team that will make you love your bathroom all over again this season.

  1. Clean Out Storage Spaces

Whether it’s the medicine cabinet, linen closet or counter tops, it’s time to clean out the crud. Discard old makeup, expired medicines, old samples, broken beauty accessories and any disposable products that have gotten dusty. It’s also a great time demote old towels to dog and car wash duty. With all this newfound space, you’ll have space to keep all the stuff cluttering your counter back into the cabinets. Just think, you may actually be able to pull out a fresh towel without the whole stack tumbling to the floor.

  1. Clean Up Tough Stains

From nail polish spills to car maintenance cleanup failures, some of the ugliest stains can happen in the bathroom. And, with all the various materials and finishes, sometimes we’re afraid that we’ll ruin things when trying to get those stubborn stains to go. But, with the right products and touch, most stains can come out (or at least be greatly diminished).

Resources we like include: The Marble Institute’s Stain Removal Guide, How to Clean Practically Anything from Consumer Reports, and Real Simple: Cleaning.

  1. Add A Few Upgrades

Now that you’ve got your space de-cluttered and polished, you will surely feel better about letting guests into your bathroom. By adding a few modern touches you can make your bathroom even better. Updating worn out features will improve the look. New plumbing fixtures, softer lighting, or even replacing your old shower enclosure tile with the clean, real stone seamless panels with a ForzaStone DIY Kit can elevate your ho-hum space into a spa. And, by using natural products like real stone, your room will have timeless qualities that won’t need a redo for many years to come.

  1. Make It Your Own

Whether it’s hand towels in your favorite color or a framed picture of a beloved pet, add in a few elements that make the place your own. Seeing things that make you happy every time you go in a room will go a long way toward enjoying the space.

With just these few spring cleaning tips, you’ll be enjoying your bathroom like never before!

2016 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Are you thinking about renovating that crumbling old bathroom this year? Whether you’re tired of the Formica glitter sink from the 1980s, or are just ready to pull out that tub that never gets used, you are not alone. Bathrooms continue to be the leading space people renovate in their homes.

“Bath Kitchen Pros, Houston, TX”

“Bath Kitchen Pros, Houston, TX”

The good news is there are so many places to look for design inspiration these days. From Houzz and Pinterest, to DIY Network shows, interior design blogs and endless publications, you could spend hours creating your own idea notebook. And, don’t forget about Instagram and Twitter…all those designers out there are sharing their beautiful photos and clever ideas.

With that in mind, we’d like to share a few trends we’ve picked up here at ForzaStone on from the design side as we create our natural stone panels for both builders and the DIY community.

Consider Functionality:

Yes, all bathrooms need a sink, toilet and some kind of tub or shower. But who is using the bathroom, and do they have specific needs? Some of our favorite ideas include curb-less showers and floating sinks that enable aging homeowners to stay in their homes longer, and adding a second, lower detachable shower head to shower enclosures so that pet washing can be done easily. Ensuring these functional items are easy to use, install and clean like our real stone tiles makes them even better.

Natural Materials Look Timeless:

Whether you are working in stone, wood or metals – using natural materials will give your bathroom classic look that won’t need updating any time soon. When it’s time to refresh the look, it can be done easily with on-trend colors for towels, accent wall colors and even knobs and fixtures. So, if this remodel is the last one you want to do for awhile, stick with products that come from nature for the big stuff like showers enclosures, sinks and floors.

Clean Lines:

A room looks cleaner and more open when there aren’t a lot of lines cutting up the visual space. Replacing tiny tiles and grout with large panels can make even smaller spaces look clean and inviting. The same idea applies for more than just showers and walls: think single pane windows and large tile floors.

Bathroom as Living Space:

It’s obviously clear that people like to spend time in a well-designed bathroom. If your plan is to create your retreat from the every day, think of the things that will make your bathroom a pleasure for you: natural light, ample storage, heated floors? If your bathroom time is more than a quick shower and shave; picking materials, colors and textures that make you feel happy or at peace is far more important than being on trend. After all, being a happy homeowner; that never goes out of style.

Now get that idea book going! And show us how your amazing bathroom renovation turns out. Whether looking for a contractor or doing it yourself, let us answer any questions you may have about making our light weight, natural stone part of your bathroom renovation project.

DIY Kit Success….Making Bathroom Renovation Dreams Come True

New products are kind of like children. You raise them up as best you can. Then you send them out into the world with all the tools you gave them to make it a better place. At ForzaStone, that’s definitely how we feel about our new DIY Kits. They are our babies. They are made of the 17 styles of all natural real stone that builders and designers have come to know and love, but in a kit that’s manageable for the DIY-ers out there ready to renovate their own bathroom.


So….when we get the “after” photos of a DIY project made with our very own Walnut Crosscut Travertine, we just have to share the story. Just like any proud parent would do.

Here’s what went down. Some hard working, roll-up-your-sleeves kind of people from the great state of Minnesota wanted to make their outdated bathroom awesome. When they found our ForzaStone DIY Kits online, they knew this was just what they were looking for: natural materials, clean lines, and a simple installation process.

They did have a concern: their bathroom walls weren’t quite standard size. Our panels come in a maximum of 96” tall, and a variety of widths from 30”- 60”. But, none of those widths were quite what they needed. So they called our customer service desk. Armed with their measurements, the DIY-ers and our internal staff not only put together a custom-sized package, but they helped with the trim and add ins that would finish out the project in style. Way to go, team! (Clearly, we are as proud of our amazing customer service team as we are of our panels.)

A few days later, their custom panels headed from our Arizona factory to their Minnesota bathroom. And, no sooner than you could say “Custom Bathroom” their bathroom contractor had their grout-free, light weight, natural stone tiles installed…looking amazing with the rest of their renovation project.

We just love it when a room comes together, especially when it features one of our amazing DIY Kits.

Do you have a DIY story to share? Send us your pictures and story at and you too could be featured in an upcoming blog.

Now You Really Can Have the Best for Less.

diy kitYou’ve been waiting for ages to redo your bathroom/shower, but you just couldn’t seem to find a way to fit it into the budget. First one thing, then another seemed to take priority. Well, what if you could afford to go forward with your bath/shower remodel and have a creative adventure in the process? In other words, get what you want, get it done fast, fit it into your budget and — do it yourself.

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry, it isn’t. In fact, in just a couple of days after receiving your complete DIY kit, you can have a sparkling new updated bath/shower. There’s even an easy, ‘how to’ video that comes with the kit.

By doing it yourself, you can afford to select some of the most beautiful, natural stone ever created by Mother Nautre. These are seamless panels that come, pre-measured and ready to be installed. No grout is needed like with traditional bathroom tile. That means no mold and mildew to contend with, so cleaning is a snap!

You’ve been patient, waiting for the right solution to come along; one that you can afford and one that is beautiful and uncomplicated. Well, congratulations, your waiting is over. Call today and let’s get started.