Remodeling = Increased Property Value Affordably Fast

remodeling means quick turnover

When my mother passed away last year, my husband, daughter and I decided to do some much-needed remodeling before we put her house on the market to sell.  She had lived there for six years after my father passed away and the house needed a lot of work — especially the bathroom and kitchen.

My husband was interested in a product he had heard good things about from his friend at work. ForzaStone.

We were on a medium sized budget (with our daughter leaving for college that fall), so we wanted to make the most of our resources. We shopped around and made some comparisons with our friend’s recommendation. What we learned was that the natural stone made by ForzaStone was not only beautiful with lots of color and pattern choices, but also 800% stronger than anything else we found. And, ForzaStone uses absolutely no grout! That immediately registered with me – no scrubbing mold and mildew.

We immediately contacted Forzastone and got an estimate. It was too good to be true.

Long story short: in less than three weeks, the bathroom and the kitchen were magically transformed! The installation was painless and very professional. I just wish my mother could see it. She would love it as much as I do.  In fact, my husband and I have plans for a makeover to our drab master bath at home.

Oh, by the way, mother’s house was on the market for only one week when a newly-wed couple decided it was just what they wanted for their ‘first home’. And, because the remodel increased the property value, we made enough profit on the sale of the house to more than pay for our bathroom remodel at our house!

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