Turn Kitchen Clean Ups into a Scenic Experience

Is there anything more appealing in a beautifully appointed home than a tasteful, functional kitchen?  The extra touch that a seamless stone panel backsplash can add will even make it more attractive. And why not add a stone panel wall behind the cooking area? With the holidays on the near horizon, your timing could not be better. And remember, kitchens are where people gather most of all with family and friends for meals, celebrations and just good old hanging out while cooking.

ForzaStone St. Laurant Backsplash Before and After  8-17-2016

Using groutless, natural stone in your kitchen reduces the worry of splattering grease when cleaning up and the development of mold or mildew. A kitchen backsplash can ensure worry-free washing up for years to come and the added touch of fresh color and pattern as only Mother Nature knows how to create.

Everyone loves clean, now your kitchen can have clean and beautiful all in one.

And while you’re thinking so creatively, why not imagine how you can transform your guest bath with groutless, stone panels?  You can even do it yourself, if you have an independent streak. Find out more details about DIY Kits, available in many standard sizes. In fact, if you hurry, Quartz DIY Kits are even on sale at 40% off regular cost.

New kitchen and new guest bath. Hmmm. Sounds like you’re getting ready for guest around the holidays.  Good thinking.

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