Your Wall Says: “Color Me Greige”!

You say, “What’s greige”? Nature is the originator of the creative color, greige.  It’s the color of natural stone and an assortment of wildlife. It’s organic, elegant, easy on the eyes and oh, so versatile.

Greige is the combination of gray and beige, whether you refer to it as warm gray or cool beige. Both are correct.

Greige works well in any room and gets along very well with any other color. If you’ve been looking for the perfect neutral and you’re torn between gray or beige, you’ll get the best of both worlds by choosing greige.


This exciting neutral color works beautifully if you’re displaying it with natural stone panels.  Depending upon the striated patterns and color variations of your natural stone panels, the greige contrasting wall will blend instinctively into the match or contrast you want.

Picking up a distinctive amber or sienna in the natural stone panel design works well with greige. Whether you go dark, light or somewhere in between, greige offer a lot of options that traditional colors don’t.

If you want to add a touch of drama to a room, consider your greige wall with your carefully selected natural stone panels and an illuminated section within the panel. With this added feature, your greige could take on exciting, unexpected qualities.

And while you’re getting creative, remember that natural stone panels are not just for walls. You can transform a stairway into a room of its own with a splash of greige wherever it makes the most impact.

In case you’re thinking ‘this just sounds like a trendy thing and how can I be sure I can live with greige and stone panels’.  Well, there’s nothing wrong with trendy, but if you can follow a widely popular trend at the same time you’re investing in a timeless product, then you’re probably getting the best of both worlds.

Consider the fact that the natural stone panels are seamless, waterproof and easy to install and maintain. Toss in the fact that these panels are 800% stronger than traditional stone slabs. Each panel is thin but strong and weighs only 3 lbs. per square foot. Let’s not forget that size and weight reduces transportation, labor and equipment costs. And if you’re creatively independent, you can even do it yourself with a DIY Kit!

While greige is a wonderful color, your natural stone panels will likely last many years longer than your newfound paint color. But then you have the option to try another version of greige.

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